Double walled vacuum insulation
No sweat exterior
BPA free & Sustainable materials
All drink compatible, 500 ml
Easy carry loop
180 twist cap
Easy clean
Dishwasher safe
Drinking cup
Soft base
Upcycled ocean-bound plastic
Ocean Bottle Smart chip™


Smart Bottle

Each Ocean Bottle is smart chip activated with an NFC chip. We are developing digital features with partners, which will enable your bottle to donate more to plastic collection when refilling at partner locations. Not only will you be able to fund more plastic collection for free, but loyalty programmes will also mean that you can get discounted beverages at select locations.

Being able to update your Ocean Bottle as you use it, makes it the bottle of the future.


Bottle for life

When you buy an Ocean Bottle, you are not a consumer, you are an owner of this product.

The bottle has been designed in partnership with an award-winning Norwegian design agency, K8 Industridesign, to be the last ever reusable bottle you’ll need to buy. Our focus on durability has been there from the onset, because this also means it is the most sustainable product possible. Each bottle is carbon negative because of its plastic offset and our manufacturing partners are being selected to adhere to the highest environmental standards.

We recommend you keep your bottle for life and never buy another one. The things you love however, tend not to last forever. That is why K8 have designed the bottle to not only be made from recycled materials, but also be fully recyclable and are looking to develop a repair service in the future.
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