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Rivers. The key to ocean plastic

It is estimated that within the next few decades the daily input of plastic waste going into our oceans will triple and there will be more plastic by weight than fish in our oceans by 2050.

Up to 80% of this ocean plastic comes from just a few sources;  largely rivers that run through coastal communities that need better collection and recycling infrastructure. (Sources here

Reducing single-use plastic and getting everyone to take part in beach cleanups is going to help save our seas but we believe that to truly have an impact, we need to also create a long-term network of recycling infrastructure to ensure plastic is collected before it enters our oceans in the first place.  That’s why we created Ocean Bottle, we want to enable anyone that gives a damn about this planet the opportunity to turn the tap off ocean plastic at the source. After all, this planet needs all of us. 

A lasting solution with Plastic Bank

We partner with Plastic Bank who are globally recognized as one of the most innovative solutions to stopping ocean plastic and are using IBM blockchain to underpin the transparency of their plastic collection network. Together we put a value on plastic waste and at the same time support local jobs. We’re enabling people living in coastal areas to make a higher wage from collecting plastic – by giving up to 3x the market rate and enabling collectors to exchange plastic for money, products, medical insurance, school tuition, cell phone minutes and even access access to micro-finance.

No Bullshit Sustainability

Many businesses donate a vague percentage of profit to causes or tack on corporate responsibility as an added layer. This is the reason for our companies existence and we believe in a defined impact per product, for the sale of every bottle, we contribute directly to Plastic Bank who ensure 11.368kg of plastic, equivalent of over 1000 plastic bottles will always be collected. You can read more about this here.

2025 goal

By 2025 we aim to be collecting the equivalent of over 3 billion plastic bottles per year. Stopping them from ever entering our oceans.

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

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