How much plastic collection does one Ocean Bottle fund?

Each bottle purchased funds the collection of 1000 plastic bottles worth of ocean-bound plastic. This is equivalent to 12kgs or two cubic meters of plastic. This is 25x the level of impact previously seen by a single product, which is possible by supporting plastic collectors via an efficient blockchain verified plastic collection system.

How are funds sent for plastic collection?

All funds are sent to our award winning partners, The Plastic Bank, at a fixed rate of 5 USD per bottle sold. 60% of funds go to plastic collectors. 40% go to the development of plastic collection infrastructure where the world needs it most.

Who collects the plastic?

Thousands of plastic collectors who are currently signed up with our partner, The Plastic Bank, are paid to gather waste. We want to grow this to a global team of millions of plastic collectors and increase awareness on solving the issue by tackling the root of the problem.

Where do you collect plastic?

We currently collect plastic via our partner, The Plastic Bank, in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil but are constantly expanding.

How much impact can your company make?

Within the next 5 years, we are looking to directly prevent over 3 billion plastic bottles each year from entering our oceans. More importantly we want to catalyse the development of recycling infrastructure to stop all ocean plastic. Working with consumers, governments and other NGOs, we together have the key to do this.

What is ocean-bound plastic?

Great question. It is mismanaged plastic waste (MMPW) that is either on coastlines or in proximity to waterways. When the seasonal rain arrives this plastic is flushed out into the ocean.

Who is responsible for ocean-bound plastic?

Unfortunately everyone is involved in the plastic crisis, including consumers, producers and governments. However 86% of ocean plastic comes from only 26 impoverished nations with high levels of mismanaged plastic waste. Our mission is to stop it here before it reaches our oceans. Source: Jambeck et al, 2015, Plastic Waste Inputs From Land Into The Ocean

Is there enough plastic to collect?

Unfortunately there is way too much plastic and it will take years to combat the issue. A growing middle class, increasing plastic consumption and no waste infrastructure in many developing regions means that ocean plastic input is expected to increase from one truck per minute to four trucks per minute by 2050.

Can I donate money to collect more plastic?

Of course! If you want to help us more in our fight against ocean plastic and want to continue giving living wages for people in need, feel free to donate straight to The Plastic Bank: https://www.plasticbank.org/ or use your Ocean Bottle and donate for free via partner refill locations we are developing.

How can I be sure the plastic is collected?

We are working with the latest blockchain technology from IBM Linux ONE which guarantees transparency of all plastic collected every time you buy an Ocean Bottle.


What can I use my Ocean Bottle product for?

The Ocean Bottle combines the most sustainable materials for a product that you can use everyday on all occasions. Our design will allow you to use your bottle at home, in the office, at the beach, in transit, on a mountain or anywhere your lifestyle takes you. It is great for all kinds of beverages like water, fruit infused drinks, iced coffee, carbonated liquids, smoothies, juice, tea and coffee, whilst guaranteeing it won’t leak whilst you carry it around with you and is also easy to drink from and clean with its double opening. The easy carry loop means you can always have it with you, even if you are using your hands for texting. It is also the only product in its category that loves the dishwasher.

Does it keep my drink cold or hot?

Our top grade insulation technology is able to ensure ideal temperatures for any liquid hot or cold, for long stretches while maintaining a condensation-free exterior.

Can I put my Ocean Bottle products in the refrigerator, freezer or microwave?

The Ocean Bottle is strong, but it is not bulletproof. We do not recommend putting your Ocean Bottle in the refrigerator, freezer, or microwave, as it can damage the bottle and its vacuum seal. Our insulation design can take any temperature of beverage however.

Can I use my Ocean Bottle products to store drinks and keep them fresh?

The Ocean Bottle is not recommended for long-term storage of liquids. It is for daily use and will keep your beverages fresh during 24 hours, but is not recommended for longer than that. Some drinks such as alcoholic beverages, juices and milk can have negative effects on the bottle if left for long periods. As the product is dishwasher safe, feel free to place it inside your dishwasher whenever you finish using it or use our big opening to clean it easily and quickly by hand.

Can I fly with my Ocean Bottle?

Yes you can, but we’d prefer if you took the train! The Ocean Bottle is ideal for flights and travels, enabling you to avoid using disposable water bottles at all times.

Will my Ocean Bottle feel hot or cold?

No. Our Ocean bottle has insulation technology to avoid sweat and to help you use it for all of your daily activities.

What is an Ocean Bottle made of?

Recycled BPA free plastic and stainless steel, in addition to upcycled ocean-bound plastic and a sustainable silicon loop. All materials are fully recyclable.

Where are Ocean Bottle products manufactured?

The Ocean Bottle is designed by the award-winning design firm K8 from Norway who are currently sourcing a manufacturer that adheres to the highest environmental standards.

How will my Ocean Bottle be packaged?

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is designed to have the least possible effect on our environment. This does not mean we have thrown quality out of the window. Our packaging design has the necessary features to guarantee your product will arrive in the best condition possible to your door.

What is the approximate size and weight of The Ocean Bottle?

Each bottle holds 500ml and is also more compact than similar products, due to thin wall technology. It is also lightweight for its class, weighing in at only 280g.


How do I clean my Ocean Bottle?

The Ocean Bottle should be cleaned as frequently as possible. Since our bottle is dishwasher safe, feel free to remove the cap, open the larger opening, and place all three pieces in the dishwasher. If you want to wash by hand, we recommend washing your bottle with warm water and soap after every use and drying and storing it with the top off. After washing your Ocean Bottle, we recommend that you dry your beverage container by airing it out upside down and storing it with the lid off.

What I should be aware of while using and taking care of my Ocean Bottle bottle?

Do not place your the Ocean Bottle in the microwave or oven.

Do not place your Ocean Bottle in the freezer.

Drink hot liquids with caution.

Do not overfill; hot liquids can burn user.

Don’t drink sea water.

To prevent spills and leaking, the lid needs to be properly and fully tightened to ensure airtight seal. The user is also responsible for checking that the seals are free from particles to ensure a full close.

Ocean Bottle products are not intended for the long-term storage of liquids. Alcohol, some juices, and dairy-based beverages can spoil and may cause excessive pressure buildup in your bottle, which can lead to lid failure and injury.

If you are using your Ocean Bottle to enjoy a fizzy soda, some bubbly, or another carbonated beverage, please use caution when opening. The airtight seal maintains the pressure required for all those bubbles. However, we don’t want you to spray champagne on your favourite jacket or have the cap get away from you. If using with carbonated beverages, never point the bottle at anyone when opening.

Misuse of the lid and it’s handle may result in injury, as well as cause premature wear and tear of the bottle.

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